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The #1 Bachelorette Destination showcases interactive, choreographed routines to thumping beats and dazzling light shows. The on-stage seats put you front and center for the best view in the house, and the hot seat, in particular, makes sure the attention is on you. Come and See the America's Best Show on tour in the Country, and find out what all the fuss is about.

YOU MUST BE 21 or older & NO KIDS ALLOWED!!! LADIES ONLY unless you are a vendor or entertainer!!! The hotel is not closed to only us so there will be other guests at hotel that may be men or children however they will not have access to the private vendor areas or the private show. This event is NOT open to the public and you MUST purchase a room package to attend with us NOT the hotel. You will not gain access to any of the GW festivities if you book through the hotel so do NOT call them you MUST email us at [email protected] for reservations or call us at 315-529-4893.
Check in begins at 3pm Friday and 9am Saturday if doing just Saturday which your room for Saturday only check in may not be ready but you can come and take part in everything until room is ready. The hotel is short staffed and are awesome at getting everyone in asap!
Shopping with vendors 5pm-9:30pm Friday. DJ Chip Metzler on Friday from 8pm-9:30pm and 11:30-1:30 in the bar.
Mini Drag show Friday night in bar from 9:30pm-11:30pm with the Amber Skyy Show.
Shopping with vendors 10am-5pm Saturday
Male Revue show Saturday with only 1 show time of 8:00pm.
DJ Chip Metzler Saturday Night from 8:00pm-1:30am
Most creatively dressed in theme contest will be on Friday & Saturday in the lounge & you MUST be in lounge by 10:30pm. You will have the option of doing either Friday or Saturday for the contest but can NOT do both nights.
Pizza & Salad Bar Buffet on Friday 4pm-9pm night included in cost
Burger sliders, hotdogs, & FF Buffet on Saturday 4pm-9pm included in cost
We will have pepperoni, cheese, & cracker plates for $10 each must order in advance by March 1st.
Each guest will receive a goody bag with an event t-shirt, a weekend itinerary, a vendor passport to get initialed by all vendors to be entered into a giveaway, extra garbage bags to help with room cleanup(room captain bag only) a special sweet treat from Sam & Deb as a thank you for attending our event, a vendor vote card for best decorated vendor and private room vendor in theme contest, a pen, theme related goodies, and an ID badge on a theme colored bead lanyard which you MUST wear at all times in order to receive GW services and to be allowed into shows and to get meals. Vendors staying over will NOT be receiving a goody bag but will get a T-shirt but if you have a non-vendor guest staying with you, they will.
Breakfast is included & will be served both Saturday & Sunday mornings from 7am-10am in dining room.
Vendors will be open Friday night from 5:00-9:30pm and Saturday from 10am-5pm…… Private room vendors may do earlier or later by appointment but MUST at least do our hours. It’s highly recommended you make appointments in advance as much as possible and be mindful of all entertainment and show times when making appointments.
There will be wine tasting and sweet treat vendors on site.
There will be a photo wall with props for fun pictures.
Email us at [email protected] for room reservations or call 315-529-4893.
DO NOT CALL THE HOTEL!!! You will NOT have access to GW event if you book with hotel!!!
One Night Package $400 for 4 ladies to split if less than 4 cost is lower. Two Night Package $800 for 4 ladies to split if less than 4 cost is lower. The $50 non-refundable deposit is due to secure room.
We accept paypal or venmo or check to pay the non-refundable deposit of $50 per room and then you have until March 1st to pay in full.
You will NOT be refunded if you cancel less than 4 weeks from the event unless WE cancel the event. Deposit is NON_REFUNDABLE!
After March 1st if any changes are made meaning anyone drops out of the room & you replace them with someone new you will be charged a fee of $2 per change as we have many things that have to be done in advance such as name badges for ID’s and shirts will have already been ordered by then so whatever sizes you start with is what you are stuck with even if you change out people as it costs us money every time there is a change.
Check out is 11am on both Saturday & Sunday