Ok, maybe a standard male stripper show isn’t totally boring—but it does pale in comparison to a HUNKS show! Male strippers are great: they’re fun, talented, and can certainly move, but most ladies leave a male strip performance knowing that something was lacking from the show. And that’s where the HUNKS come in: they take the traditional male strip show and amp it up by a thousand! So yes, when you compare the HUNKS to a standard stripper, the stripper definitely seems boring by comparison, and here’s why.

1. They Only Do One Thing

They’re called strippers for a reason, and it’s because they strip. Sadly for you ladies, that’s all they do. They come on stage, wiggle around a bit, and slowly remove their clothes in a mildly sensual manner. But once the clothes are gone, so are the guys.

2. Where’s the Singing and Dancing?

Because male strippers only put on a strip tease, they don’t incorporate singing, dancing, and role play into their performances the way the HUNKS do. These HUNKS aren’t just eye candy—they’re talented dancers and performers who can move, strip, and improvise to keep you excited and entertained every step of the way.

3. There’s No Exhilaration

When you want excitement, you want a guy who’s totally into what he’s doing, and the HUNKS are fully committed to your pleasure. They’re energetic, enthusiastic, and simply can’t wait to make you scream with delight again and again, because they’re not satisfied until you are. Every song and dance is lively, loud, and fiery.

4. You Don’t Get to Join the Fun

A strip show is all about watching: you sit in the audience and watch from a distance as the guy on stage moves around and gets naked. But you don’t get pulled on stage, you don’t get to touch or feel those sculpted abs, and you definitely don’t get to join the excitement. But the HUNKS get off on audience participation. They love walking through the crowd and picking out special ladies to tease, and they love involving you in the show.

5. Where’s the Hot Seat?

Every HUNKS show has on-stage seating and one hot seat for a very lucky lady. The on-stage seats guarantee not just the best view in the house, but also the most action. And the hot seat isn’t called the warm seat for a reason, so you can expect some extra special attention when you’re the one in the middle of all that raw, masculine sexiness. Ever been to a strip club with a hot seat? Didn’t think so.

6. It’s Just Not Hot

All of these knocks against male strippers lead up to one thing: the performances just aren’t hot and sexy the way the HUNKS show is. No singing or dancing plus no exotic moves plus little enthusiasm and no audience participation equals boring. So when you’re out with the girls expecting the time of your life, a male stripper simply won’t do.

HUNKS the Show was born from the knowledge that male strip shows were fun, but that something big was missing from the performance. But lucky for you and ladies all over the world, the HUNKS have figured out exactly what that is, and they’ve mastered the art of fulfilling every desire you’d expect from the world’s foremost all-male revue. So next time you and your girls are thinking of ideas for a fun night out, don’t think stripper—think HUNKS! View tour dates and buy tickets now.