Running a club or entertainment venue can be a challenge because it’s difficult to entice people to choose your venue over the hundreds of other options that are out there. And while you already know your club is the best, sometimes it takes special events and unique productions to show clientele what makes your venue so incredible.

If you’re trying to set yourself apart, want to appeal to a new crowd, or are just excited about getting involved with a great opportunity for a distinctive ladies’ night event, then look no further than HUNKS the Show.

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HUNKS the Show is the world’s premier male revue on tour, and the show is a high-energy production with choreographed dancing and stripping, music, a light show, multiple fantasy costumes like cowboys and firefighters, and—best of all—sold out crowds of excited and cheering ladies.

The show has packed clubs, and other venues all around the world, and the HUNKS have thrilled millions of women with their moves, hard bodies, and handsome faces. Some of the guys are even minor celebrities, having appeared on reality TV shows, modeled for global fashion houses, been in magazines, and even been seen on Dancing with the Stars. And these guys bring it all to every performance, making the ladies swoon and melt with delight.


There are a great number of locations that are perfect venues for booking male revues, and the show has filled seats in clubs, casinos, theaters/entertainment venues, and even hotels. The guys are always on tour and are often sought out by women looking for unique ideas to celebrate birthdays, bachelorette bashes, divorce parties, and girls’ nights out.

One of the best things about HUNKS is that it’s an interactive show that allows for more audience participation than a regular production, and ladies can even purchase special seats on-stage if they’re looking for extra attention.

HUNKS the Show is an exclusive experience for both club owners and clientele and is the perfect way for you to draw in new crowds and create a slightly different vibe than what people might expect from your venue.

Whether you have a club that’s looking for something more than just live music, a hotel that wants a different act, a theater wanting a new style of production, or even a casino seeking something more out of the box, HUNKS is the perfect production. With its high energy dances, multiple costumes, and hunks, you’ll have a full house booked in no time.