• Armando


    • Hometown: Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua, Mexico
    • Zodiac Sign: ♈ Aries
    • Likes: Traveling, mountains, the ocean, sex, freckles, extreme sports, working out, big booty, pretty eyes, food (pizza, pancakes and sushi), beer coffee and partying like a rockstar
    • Dislikes: People with no common sense, chewing with your mouth open, guys that hit women, also women who dress like hookers
    • Random Fact: A spider can breathe underwater and walk on water
    • Guilty Pleasures: Donuts, chips with salsa, alcohol
  • Toxic


    • Hometown: Los Angeles, California
    • Zodiac Sign: ♓ Pisces
    • Likes: Working out, Traveling, and Custom Trucks
    • Dislikes: Disrespectful People
    • Random Fact: Your heartbeat changes with the music you are listening to
    • Guilty Pleasures: Pizza
  • Slay


    • Hometown: Binghamton, NY
    • Zodiac Sign: ♎ Libra
    • Likes: Women, gym, money, chicken and chocolate milk
    • Dislikes: When servers get my order wrong, stupidity, ignorance
    • Random Fact: I use to think I was gonna die a virgin
    • Guilty Pleasures: Sex
  • Prince Exotic

    Prince Exotic

    • Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
    • Zodiac Sign: ♏ Scorpio
    • Likes: Traveling, Music, Art, Desserts, History, Nature, Nice butts, Pretty eyes, Loyalty, and Kindness
    • Dislikes: Rude people, Two-faced and fake people, Bad breath, Sarcasm, and Hypocrisy
    • Random Fact: I have a cologne addiction
    • Guilty Pleasures: Food, Women, and Sex
  • Sergio Mike

    Sergio Mike

    • Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico
    • Zodiac Sign: ♑ Capricorn
    • Likes: Traveling, The Beach, Working out, Humble People, Helping others, Extreme Rides, Dancing, Tacos, Pizza, Coronas and Tequila
    • Dislikes: Disrespectful people, People with no goals, and the poverty in the world
    • Random Fact: Since I was 4 years old, I loved dancing with no shirt
    • Guilty Pleasures: Coca-cola, Instant Ramen, and Junk Food
  • Bad Daddy

    Bad Daddy

    • Hometown: Carolina, Puerto Rico
    • Zodiac Sign: ♉ Taurus
    • Likes: Music, Dancing, Sports, Working out, Women, Kayaking, Race Cars, Food, Motorcycles, Tequila, BBQ Chicken wings, Traveling, Adrenaline, Walks on the Beach, and lots of sex
    • Dislikes: Fake people, Arguments, Toxic females, and Disrespectful people
    • Random Fact: Australia is wider than the Moon
    • Guilty Pleasures: Baked goods and Sweets
  • Sinjyn


    • Hometown: Wiesbaden, Germany
    • Zodiac Sign: ♊ Gemini
    • Likes: Sushi and Saki
    • Dislikes: Stupid people
    • Random Fact: The Effiel Tower gets taller in the summer
    • Guilty Pleasures: An addict for creativity and dancing
  • Jordan


    • Hometown: Bay City, MI
    • Zodiac Sign: ♎ Libra
    • Likes: Fast cars, loud heavy metal music, sleepness nights, performing at huge crowds of women, Motorcycles (Harleys only) and going hard in the paint
    • Dislikes: Fake friends, women wearing too much makeup, hate traffic, melon/ cucumber gatorade and vehicles with no A/C
    • Random Fact: I live everyday like it is my last
    • Guilty Pleasures: Peanut Butter
  • Paris


    • Hometown: Latham, NY
    • Zodiac Sign: ♐ Sagittarius
    • Likes: Southern hospitality, working out, a pretty smile and bubble butt, helping others, sushi, traveling and the beach
    • Dislikes: Traffic, lying, cheating, people who are rude and incompetence
    • Random Fact: You will always lose money chasing pussy, but you will never lose pussy chasing money!
    • Guilty Pleasures: Cheesecake


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