Whoever said girls’ night out can’t include men has obviously never seen the studs of HUNKS the Show! Turn your event up a few notches with the world’s number one touring male revue, and ladies’ night out will never be the same again. Whether you’re celebrating a special milestone or a holiday, catching up after some time apart, or getting together for your monthly meet-up, girls’ night with the HUNKS will make you wonder why you never invited the guys before.


From Calvin Klein models to Dancing with the Stars participants and the covers of magazines, the HUNKS have the faces, the bodies, and the moves to make your next ladies’ night unforgettable. Why sit around at home or sipping drinks at the same old bar when you could be on-stage watching the guys dance, strip, and serenade you in front of a room full of screaming and swooning fans?

Ladies’ night is supposed to be a fun escape from the troubles and stresses of everyday life, so why not celebrate the right way, with hard bodies, gorgeous faces, firemen, men in uniform, and sexy dancing sensations.

girls night out birthday party


HUNKS the Show is better than any movie or strip club, and if you’re looking for girls’ night out ideas that’ll turn up the heat, you’ve come to the right place. HUNKS is an interactive show that involves audience participation, meaning you don’t just see the best all-male revue show, you experience it: the heat, the music, the muscles, and the guys. You’ll get to see and feel the HUNKS up close and personal, and if you get on-stage seats, you’ll see this all-star line-up of babes as they dance and strip right in front of your eyes.

No more is girls’ night just about talking about guys: now it’s all about seeing, touching, and being mesmerized by these incredible men on the stage. Next time you’re planning a get-together for your best gals, think big, think outside the box, think HUNKS. No matter what you’re celebrating, or even if you’re just out for a night on the town, it’s time to take ladies’ night and make it ladies and the HUNKS.