So your best friend has a big-deal birthday coming up, and as her BFF it’s your job to make sure that it’s a special one, right? And you’ve talked to a few other friends who said, “so and so had a male stripper at her party, why don’t you do something like that?”

But you know your best friend’s big day is important, and you know she deserves something bigger and better than a male stripper. But what exactly is it? Easy: it’s the HUNKS! HUNKS the Show is the number one all-male revue in the world that’s on tour, and if you treat your friend for her party, she’ll be wishing every day was her birthday. 

The High-Energy Performance Is Ideal for a Party

HUNKS the Show isn’t just about sexy men getting naked. It’s a whole production that involves professionally choreographed dancing with synchronized music and light displays—and of course, the sexy men getting naked! But these guys love what they do, and each performance is energetic, fun, and full of hard-bodied dudes who can’t wait to show you their moves. 

The Hot Seat Is the Best Present a Girl Could Get

One of the first things HUNKS first-timers notice are the on-stage seats that are available for a few lucky women. And in the middle of all those seats, and in the middle of all those hot bods, is the hot seat. It’s reserved for one special woman who needs a little extra attention, because she’ll be the main focus for the HUNKS all night long. She’ll be serenaded, she’ll have HUNKS holding her hand, and she’ll melt a little more with every move, every song, and every glance from the sexy beasts on stage.

You’ll Live Out Multiple Fantasies in One Night

Who hasn’t watched Magic Mike or the Bachelorette and wished they could see guys like that in person? Well here’s a little secret for you: not only are the HUNKS the hottest male stripper/dancer/entertainers around, but they’re also former models, bodybuilders, and reality TV stars.

So those guys you’ve seen on screen and wished you could meet in person? Now you can, at the HUNKS show (because let’s be honest, this is just as much a gift to yourself as it is a present for your bestie!) And boy will it be worth it when you see them on stage, strutting their stuff and playing out your deepest fantasies before your eyes. The show involves multiple segments, and each one focuses on a different fantasy and different costumes, like men in uniform, firemen, cowboys, and more.

It doesn’t matter if your friend is turning 30, 40, 80, or anything in between: HUNKS the Show is still the ideal birthday gift for any lady who loves men. If you’re looking for a gift that tells your friend that you care about the level of excitement in her life, then you’ve just found yourself the perfect gift. Don’t waste time at the strip club or booking a private strip tease for your party—skip all that and come right to the source of pure exhilaration, HUNKS the Show. View tour dates and buy tickets now.