male revue or stripperThe only proper way to send a friend off into the world of happily ever after is with an epic bachelorette party, and if you’re looking for fun and creative ideas for your bestie’s pre-wedding bash, then you’ve come to the right place. HUNKS the Show has all the makings of a perfect bachelorette party, including fun, excitement, and hot guys.

What’s a Male Revue All About?

A revue is a style of live entertainment that combines music, singing, dancing, and costumes, all presented as a show with multiple acts. HUNKS the Show takes all these elements and adds chiseled men and sexy costumes to create the number one touring male revue show in the world. So if you’re looking for pumping beats, choreographed dancing, professionally handsome guys, and a night of raw, wild entertainment, then you definitely need the HUNKS for your bachelorette.

Why Settle for Strippers When You Can Have HUNKS!

While they both involve scantily-clad and hunky men, there are many advantages to a male revue over hiring a stripper for a bachelorette party, including:

The Number of Men: When you hire a stripper, you hire a stripper. One guy. But when you go to a male revue, you get many men. Here’s some quick math to show you: one stripper equals one guy, whereas one male revue ticket for HUNKS equals eight guys for the price of one! Your friend is going to be with one guy for the rest of her life, so help her indulge a little before she ties the knot.

Steaminess: To pick a stripper for your friend’s bachelorette, you’ll have to ask yourself what kind of man she likes and what her hottest fantasy might be. Does she like cowboys or men in uniform? Then again maybe she prefers firefighters? Or is it a guy in a suit that gets her going? With a male revue you don’t have to decide, because she can have them all! Over the course of the show, you’ll see army cadets, firefighters, cowboys, and much more. And did you hear about the hot seat? You and your party can even get seats on stage and put the lady of the hour in the hot seat, front and center to all the action.

Production: Another distinction between strippers and the male revue can be seen in the very names: a stripper is paid to take his clothes off, while the guys in a male revue are there to put on a show. This means music, lights, dancing, costumes, and blood-pumping excitement. HUNKS is more like a Vegas show with sexy studs who also strip, whereas the strippers don’t provide any of the extras.

Hiring a male stripper is a fun way to add some excitement to a bachelorette party, but a male revue show gives you pure exhilaration all night long. If you’re planning a bachelorette party for your soon-to-be-married friend, give her the night of her life and treat her and her closest friends to a night full of sexy HUNKS who strip and sing and dance! View tour dates, buy tickets now, or see what others are saying and read the best all-male exotic dancer reviews.