perfect girls night outGirls’ night out is definitely one of the best days of the month, so it’s nothing to skimp on when it comes to planning. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, big event, or just wanting to get out with the ladies for a night on the town, girls’ night deserves attention and proper planning. But don’t worry: with the right girls and the right plans, organizing your next night out will be half the fun, and with these few tips, you can guarantee that your next girls’ night will be one for the books!

1. Start the Planning Early

You and your besties are busy people, and that means it’s nearly impossible for you to all get together for an impromptu girls’ night out. If you want everyone together for a night out, you need to make plans and reservations well in advance. Unless of course you secretly want to end up sitting on your couch in sweats with perfect hair and makeup watching reruns because you have nowhere to go?

Didn’t think so! So call up your friends, send an email, or put together a mass text and get the troops rallied. Decide on a time and date that’s at least one week in the future to give yourselves plenty of time to get your plan on and give the ladies time to free up their schedules.

2. Start With Happy and Appy Hour

The best way to start any girls’ night—well, any night, actually—is with cheap drinks and great food that will give you plenty of energy for the night to come. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy, but why wouldn’t it be? Try out a new wine bar, tapas place, or beer garden for a few beverages and appetizers to get your night started right.

3. Do Something New and Exciting

The point of girls’ night is to get out and be wild with your best friends, so why waste the night going to the same old bar with the same old regulars to discuss the same old stuff? Exactly—you wouldn’t! Girls’ night is about glory days, memories, and getting a little crazy. Need a few ideas? Here’s a hint: while the rest of the ladies in the world are at the strip club, you and your girls can grab tickets to HUNKS the Show, the world’s most popular touring male revue that features singing, dancing, lights and music, and of course, some of the world’s sexiest guys.

4. Have Transportation Arranged

This is where your planning comes in handy because the last thing you need to worry about during ladies’ night is how you’re all going to get safely from point A to point B. It doesn’t matter if you convince a significant other to chauffeur you around, hire a limo, or just preschedule a few Ubers: just make sure everybody can get to, from, and home without having to drive or scramble for a ride.

5. Make it a Cell-Phone-Free Event

Girls’ night is for fun and friends, not for stressing about the details of everyday life and work. And there’s no better way to disconnect from all that than to turn the cell phones off, ignore emails, forget texts, and not answer phone calls for the entire night. Unplug, enjoy the time you’re spending together and don’t worry about what’s going on in the Twittersphere or on Facebook.

Girls’ night out is one of the best ways for best friends to stay connected as adults, because while every one of you is busy with your own life, girls’ night gives you the chance to get away, reconnect with each other, and have a blast together. So do yourselves a favor and put some extra time and effort into planning your next girls’ night, and don’t forget that one of the best ways to spend ladies’ night is with the HUNKS. View tour dates now.