Ever thought that a strip club or home visit from a male stripper would be a great idea for a girls’ night out, birthday party, or bachelorette? These are fun ideas, and you would undoubtedly have a great time. But let’s face it: the male stripper thing has been done before, and there’s something missing from the whole experience.

Lucky for you, the HUNKS know exactly what that is, and this number one male revue will give you and your friends exactly what you’ve been craving. And just in case you want a sneak peek at what to expect, here are five things you can do at a HUNKS show that you’d never dream of doing at a traditional strip club.

1. Watch Your Fantasies Come to Life

Male strippers tend to have one move, so to speak: they start dressed and they take off their clothes. That’s it. That’s the show. But HUNKS the Show is a full-on male revue, and that means multiple acts, amazing light displays, singing, and costume changes. And that means in a single show, you can be serenaded by all your favorite fantasy characters, like the firefighter, the army man, the sexy stud in a suit, or even the pirate.

2. Sit on Stage

When have you ever been to a strip club where you were actually on stage with the guys the whole time? Never, because strip clubs just aren’t designed like that, and standard male stripping performances aren’t about audience participation. Not so with the HUNKS. Everything they do is designed to titillate the ladies in the audience, and that means plenty of interaction. You can even book on-stage seats that put you face to face with the best exotic male dancers you’ll ever see.

3. Warm Up in the Hot Seat

But the HUNKS don’t stop there. They know how important it is for a woman to feel special, and that’s why every show has the hot seat. And yes, it’s called that for a reason! You’ll be at the center of the stage with all the HUNKS’ heart-melting eyes—and hands—focused on you. The birthday girl or bachelorette may wear the tiara at a strip club, but at HUNKS the Show she’s the real princess.

4. Touch, Feel, and Grind

Most male strippers don’t mind when the ladies get a little handsy, but the HUNKS expect it. After all, they know that ladies can’t see the show and keep their hands off! During the show, the HUNKS will be walking around in the audience, picking special women to help out with certain moves, and showing off their goods up close.

5. Be Amazed by Professional Singing and Dancing

Before the guys became actual HUNKS (let’s be honest, they were always hunks), they were bodybuilders, models, and even television stars. And because they’ve always been in the spotlight, they’ve learned a thing or two about using their bodies the right way. So along with having chiseled abs, sculpted bods, and handsome faces, these guys can also sing, dance, and perform.

Want to find out what you have to look forward to at the HUNKS show? Have a look at the online profiles for the HUNKS to see just how excited you should be. This show has the naked guys, but it also has professional dance moves, thumping beats, theater-style lighting, and a level of audience interaction you’ll never find at a regular strip show. So next time you and your ladies are getting together for a party, celebration, or a just because night, make sure you make it a HUNKS night. View tour dates and buy tickets now.