Girls’ night, birthdays, bachelorettes, divorce, and just because parties aren’t parties until there are burly hunks involved, but planning yet another trip to the strip club or even hiring a male stripper for your party is so 2005. What your girls’ night or celebration needs is HUNKS the Show, a touring male revue that’s bringing sexy back, and to your hometown. Instead of planning for another night at the strip club, here are five hot reasons to see the HUNKS instead.

So Many Hotties

Having a male stripper come to your party is a fun way to spice up a celebration, but you only get one guy. Going to a strip club is somewhat better, and you may see five guys over the course of the night. But at a HUNKS show, there are eight sexy, sculpted, steamy hunks for you to feast your eyes on.

Your Fantasy Is Their Command

When the HUNKS first come on stage, they may be dressed like hotties in suits. And while the guys are obviously hunks, the suits might not be your thing. But don’t worry—before long, the guys will have danced and stripped their way across the stage, and before you know it a new song will come on and you’ll have firemen on stage ready to please, or army men, or cowboys, or even pirates! There are so many fantasy costume changes during the best all-male revue show they’ll make your head spin.

There’s More Action

Strip shows can be enjoyable, but they are by no means an action-packed night of never-ending interest and sexiness. The HUNKS, on the other hand, put on an electrifying performance that will have every hair on your body standing on end. The music, the lights, the dancing, the unending parade of he-men: not all the male strippers in the world could compete with these HUNKS.

You Can Sit in the Middle of All the Action

Strip clubs tend to have small stages and not much room for more than one or two guys at a time. But HUNKS the Show isn’t a strip show: it’s an entire performance. In fact, it’s the number one touring male revue in the world, and that means there’s always plenty of room on stage for all the hunky guys plus on-stage seating for some lucky ladies.

 The HUNKS Come to You

Ladies who aren’t lucky enough to get on-stage seeds needn’t worry: the HUNKS will come right to you in the audience. These guys don’t like to play by the rules, so not a show goes by when they don’t wander out into the audience to personally serenade a few ladies, letting you get up close and personal with all the HUNKS.

Strippers are all well and good for your run of the mill get together, but when you really want to have fun, you need the electricity and fire of HUNKS the Show. These guys know how to work it, and they know how to get you, and your besties worked up. From the singing and the dancing to the music and the costumes, the HUNKS will have you wondering what you ever saw in regular old male stripper shows! View tour dates and buy tickets now.